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Spring electrical projects at home this year are going to be challenging.  How do we hire an electrician when we are social distancing?  We have an answer - Concentrate on the outdoor projects.

20% Off through June 21st:

Alexander Electric would like to announce our 20% off Outdoor Electrical Lighting Spring Discount on all outdoor electrical lighting and all outdoor electrical wiring.  This discount covers all new electrical work as well as the upgrading or repair of old electrical work.  Do you have path lights that don't work properly?  Or do you need some additional driveway lighting?  Take advantage of our Spring discount now through June 21st. 

How would you like some beautiful tree lighting throughout your yard?  This is one of our strong points.  Our Outdoor Spring Discount also covers electronic gates, pool and spa wiring, security lighting such as spotlights with photocells and motion detectors, electric car charging stations as well as your home's electrical service.  Does your home need an electrical service upgrade for more power coming into your house?  Or would you like us to put that above ground service underground so you don't see any electrical wires anymore?

Now is the time to take advantage of a great savings on all of these services.  Ask about our 100% guarantee - "All our work is guaranteed for life".  And all estimates are always free and always cheerfully given via email.

- Alex


In this new time of social distancing, it is difficult to not be thinking of ways we can improve our homes and keep our families safe.  If you have a question about new electrical work such as recessed lighting in your kitchen, a new bathroom vanity light or shower light, additional pool lighting or perhaps new house wiring or wiring for an addition to your home, Alex can give you a great deal of information over the phone or via email.

Please don't hesitate to call us and ask any electrical questions you may have.  Especially if you are experiencing electrical problems.  Did a storm bring down a wire?  Are some lights out in part of your house?  Call us and let Alex walk through it with you.  Don't put it off.  We are always here for you.

- Alex


Now that Spring is just around the corner, our thoughts can be on the outside of our house.  Does your property need additional landscape lighting such as pathlights along your walkways?  Or have you always wanted lighting on your beautiful trees?  These lights not only make the outside of your house more beautiful, but it keeps your house safer because it is well lighted.

Would you like to add more spotlights around the perimeter of your house?  Spotlights can be discreetly placed and can have photo cells and motion detectors so they react immediately to motion and darkness.  We are always here for you and estimates are always free and cheerfully given.

- Alex


Electrical work in our homes could quite possibly be the  most important part of a safe and functioning home for our families.  If you notice a light inside your house or perhaps a landscape light or outdoor light that begins flashing on and off, this can be a sign of an underlying electrical problem.  You can sometimes easily switch one of your breakers from off to on, but why did that electrical breaker switch off?  Would you like to know the real cause?

Call Alex and he will tell you and help you with this.  Please play it safe when lights flicker, or when electrical breakers switch off and call Alexander Electric.  Anytime and any day.  We have the same low rate for any day of the week.  Don't hesitate.

- Alex

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